The Mobile Fish, From Boat to Plate

An app about fish, the fishery and cooking with fish. The Vissersbond (Fishery Union) has developed an app called VIS! (fish in Dutch) that can be downloaded in the app stores. CREM did research for the Vissersbond about how the app could better meet consumers’ needs and how consumers could be persuaded to download the app to their smartphones and tablets.

The results of this research and other new ideas were brought together in a communication and strategy plan.

Test Panel

One part of the CREM’s design of the communication and strategy plan was the organization of an app test panel with participants between the ages of 18 and 35. A number of fishery professionals and app use experts were also interviewed.

Health and Culinary Enjoyment

The communication strategy of the app is aimed at consumers between 25 and 35 years of age and focused on the concepts of health and culinary enjoyment. The mostly online promotion of the app is aimed at both of these interest areas. In addition, the available information is brought together in the story about the fish ‘from boat to plate’. The user can get the whole story, from the catching of the fish to its preparation. He or she can look at delicious recipes, instructions for fileting the fish and information about which fish is caught when. Through information about the different fishing boats people can also find out where the fish is caught. The app also adds fish sales points in the neighbourhood of the user.

Trust and transparancy

Background information and transparancy about the source of our food inspires consumer trust. In addition, the neighbourhood fish sales points and the varied recipes inspire the consumer and make his or her fish eating easier.

More info: Wijnand Broer