Sustainable Resource Extraction

As managing editor of the online platform, CREM interviews companies that take part in the innovative programe Natural Captains. Van Nieuwpoort Bouwgrondstoffen, which specializes in the sustainable extraction of resources, is one of those companies.

Valuable areas

Through the extraction of sand and gravel, Van Nieuwpoort creates valuable areas that contribute to the development of nature, water safety and recreation. For example, along the great rivers resource extraction goes hand-in-hand with expansion of drainage capacity to prevent flooding. New nature areas with cycling, hiking and wandering possibilities are also created. Van Nieuwpoort works closely with various other parties, such as in the Grensmaas Project that is now underway.

Nature Point System

In December, Van Nieuwpoort joined Natural Captains, together with FODI (the federation for the surface mineral extraction industry). Various Captains are working on the development of a Nature Point System. The Lobberdense Waard project in the Municipality of Rijnwaarden is one of the pilots for this program. The point system makes it possible to measure biodiversity gains. This helps Van Nieuwpoort to convey the positive effects of its activities and to monitor the efforts in the area of natural capital more effectively.

Ecology and the economy go hand in hand

Wenda de Wit of Van Nieuwpoort Building Materials: ‘The Lobberdense Waard shows the possibilities for resource extraction in the field of natural capital. The area where the river widening will soon take place will be better protected against flooding, will see an increase in biodiversity and will have a separate, and thus safer, bike path. The entire nature reserve of more than 200 hectares will become publicly accessible. The project will be paid for by the extraction of raw materials and will cost the taxpayer nothing. It is a good example of how ecology and the economy can work together. With the Nature Point System, we can soon make everything more visible.’