Sustainable Banking

The financial sector realizes that sustainability is important for the long-term success of businesses. Financial institutions such as banks, pension funds and insurers are making more demands on how businesses conduct themselves in the ESG (environmental, social and governance) sectors. They do this in order to better estimate the financial risks of investments, but moral and sustainability considerations also play a role.

In the Netherlands, the ASN Bank and Triodos are the known leaders in the field.

Financial sector on our home turf

CREM brings two fields of expertise to this development. One field is our home turf, natural capital, and we share our knowledge there with the financial sector. CREM is supporting the ASN Bank in the development of a long-term biodiversity goal and the VBDO (the Dutch Association of Investors for Sustainable Development) in the development of a guide to natural capital for financial institutions.

Sustainable finance

The other field is our knowledge of sustainable finance, which CREM shares with developing markets, providing, for instance, a training course for from October for the Egyptian Banking Institute on ‘international best practices in sustainable banking’. With the knowledge they gain in this course, trainers from the institute can support Egyptian banks with the implementation of sustainable banking.

Rewards through sustainable banking

Companies that integrate CSR into their corporate management through sustainable banking are increasingly rewarded for their efforts, which will further stimulate sustainable business.

More info: Wijnand Broer