Can Small Producers Also Supply Green Energy from Bioproducts?

Resources taken from nature, called green bioproducts, are increasingly being used for energy. These include sugar-based ethanol added to gasoline/petrol, soy oil used as a basis for biodiesel or wood pellets used in power plants.

To keep the green motor running, sustainable production is essential. For biofuels – green natural resources turned into fluid fuels such as diesel – there have even been regulations to guarantee their sustainability enacted at a European level.

Certification for Green Natural Resources

Certification is used to prove that green natural resources are produced in a sustainable manner. However, there is another perspective on certification, which is that many producers of green natural resources have a small production volume and a small parcel of land. It is difficult for these producers to fulfill the requirements of the sustainability schemes. Because certification is increasingly a condition of purchase, these producers are missing out on the chance to sell their product.

What are the Risks and Chances for Small Producers?

What do small producers face? What are the risks, where are the chances, and what conditions create market openings? And what motivates or does not motivate companies to include these potential suppliers in their supply chains? On behalf of NL Agency (Agentschap NL), CREM is finding the answers to these questions. In doing so, the consultancy is working with four experts in the field of certification, small producers and market entrance. They are also looking to the food production industry for more insight because that industry has more experience with the certification of small producers (for example in the coffee and cocoa industries). The research will be shared in a research report and a guide for companies.

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