Editorial Board Natural Capital

There are currently various programs to help companies work smarter and more efficiently with natural resources, biodiversity and ecosystems (otherwise known as natural capital). In addition to the Natural Capital Help Desk, Platform BEE (Biodiversity, Ecosystem and the Economy) has started a program called ‘Natural Captains’ for leaders in the area.

Natural Captains

In this program, dozens of forward-thinking Dutch companies challenge the others and themselves to take real action. The common goal is to achieve measurable results in the sustainable use of natural capital in business practices or the supply chain. Through experimenting and working together, these Natural Captains are taking charge and showing the way for other companies.

NatCap Online Platform

The leaders share their projects, actions, results and news via an online platform. To keep all the content relevant and to coordinate the various programs as much as possible, there is an editorial board. CREM holds this position and ensures a regular and substantively inspiring news service. The online platform is called NatCap and has both a public area and a private log-in only area for the participating companies.

More info: Jolanda van Schaick