Chefs’ challenge in Flevoland

Eat like a Pioneer

The Dutch province Flevoland supports the production and consumption of sustainably produced food products from Flevoland. Chefs can play a key role in that context as they can both put such products on the menu and inspire their guests to use these ingredients at home. Against this background the province initiated a cooking contest for chefs from the province: “Eat like a Pioneer”.  Also students chefs could participate.

Dutch Cuisine

For some years CREM is active in the area of ‘Sustainable Gastronomy’. For example, CREM is member of the Advisory Board of Dutch Cuisine, a movement promoting a more sustainable and healthier Dutch gastronomy. Together with communication consultancy agency van de Jong, the Food Hub and Dutch Cuisine, CREM worked on the implementation of the above-mentioned challenge. CREM was mainly responsible for the identification of food producers in Flevoland that could act as ambassadors (‘Polder Heroes’) in this project, the development of an assessment methodology and criterions for the contest and the development of a Logical Framework that could be used for evaluating the impact of this initiative.

Eva’s Keukentuin

Eva Maurits from Eva’s Keukentuin in Lelystad won the challenge with her Adam-and-Eve Nut-a-Cake. According to the jury this innovative cake based on soy beans from Flevoland was ‘very delicious’!

More information: Victor de Lange