45 innovative nitrogen solutions from Green Leaders

In order to help solving the nitrogen problem, the Green Leaders network of VNO-NCW connected 45 innovative companies to five nitrogen challenges for agriculture, construction and industry. From these 45 matches, 14 have been selected that score high on nitrogen reduction, economic feasibility and scalability (see video 5 min). Acceleration plans will be made for these 14 on the 3rd of December. Jolanda van Schaick of CREM was, as the matchmaker of the Green Leaders network, involved in the recruitment of innovative companies and the organization of the meeting.

Solve together
Ingrid Thijssen, Chairman of VNO-NCW, on the 3rd of December: “Today the 14 most promising innovations were discussed with experts from other companies, investors, knowledge institutions and governments. Inspiring to see what is potentially possible and how creative and innovative Dutch entrepreneurs are. All experts today made practical suggestions to the entrepreneurs on how their innovations can be successfully applied on a large scale. This is how it should be done. We can only solve the nitrogen problem together.”

Under the leadership of Green Leaders Chairman Yousef Yousef and an expert jury, 14 were selected from 45 matches with a high chance of successfully entering the market and being scaled up. These proposals were discussed today during the seventh matchmaking event at so-called acceleration tables, where the entrepreneurs were given help to meet their development challenges. These are, among other things, in the field of financing, subsidies, licensing, tendering and certification.

VNO-NCW regularly organizes Green Leaders matchmaking meetings for entrepreneurs. Previous meetings took place at Auping, Heineken, Vion, Waterschappen, Chemelot and Philips. Innovative SME entrepreneurs talk to experts and large companies about how they can jointly come up with solutions for the major sustainability issues facing the Netherlands.

More information: Jolanda van Schaick

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