Development of a ‘biodiversity on your plate’ programme

A large number of civil society organisations, private sector organisations and government bodies have joined forces in the Deltaplan biodiversiteitherstel (Action Plan for Biodiversity Restoration). Together these organisations aim to restore biodiversity in the Netherlands, among others in agricultural regions. For this purpose it is crucial that farmers get sufficient incentives for producing in a biodiversity friendly manner, for example through improved sales prospects in the foodservice sector. Against this background the Dutch government has granted a subsidy to Dutch Cuisine for the development of a strategic programme ‘biodiversity on your plate’. In this initiative Dutch Cuisine will cooperate with agricultural organisation LTO and representatives of regional environmental NGOs. Dutch Cuisine has contracted Victor de Lange, partner at CREM, to contribute to the development of this programme. Victor is also member of Dutch Cuisine’s Board of Experts.

It is not only a challenge to involve the foodservice sector in this initiative. To strengthen the business case for both this sector and biodiversity friendly food producers it is important to also consider possible roles of other stakeholders, such as other parties involved in the Deltaplan, wholesalers, food delivery services, restaurant booking sites, chef schools, influencers, the tourism industry, banks and the government. Also the definition of a biodiversity friendly product/producer must be addressed. The programme, including a monitoring and evaluation plan, must be completed by mid 2021. Implementation will be done after that. We hope this programme will also contribute to the economic recovery of the foodservice sector, which has been seriously affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

More information: Victor de Lange