New Generation of Indonesian Cooking Pilot in Bandung

In 2016, CREM worked with FENEDEX and FNLI to develop a strategy to promote more sustainable and healthier food consumption in Indonesia. This strategy is supported by many Indonesian groups and will launch a new gastronomic trend: the New Generation of Indonesian Cooking (NGIC). NGIC should be tasty and hip, but at the same time more sustainable and healthier. The promotion of local, often ethnically inspired cuisine and products is an important aspect of the project. This approach is seen as a smart way to influence consumer behaviour. And it transforms the Indonesian cook into a change agent.

Priorities for the pilot

GAIN and HIVOS have embraced this idea and engaged CREM to prepare a NGIC pilot in Bandung on West Java. In this project, the criteria for NGIC will be determined and a Plan of Action for the pilot will be developed. One important question is which stakeholders can contribute in what way to introduce and further promote NGIC in Bandung. The Indonesian middle class is an important target group for the pilot, but there is yet the question of how the upper middle class can provide an example for lower income groups. The search will continue to focus on restaurant chains in shopping centres, food stalls and catering at companies, government offices, schools and hospitals.

Participating partners

In addition to GAIN and HIVOS, UNICEF and WWF will support the project by participating in a supervisory committee. Some of the work in Indonesia is being carried out by Asian Management Consulting. In addition, Bas Cloo, chef and a board member of the similar Dutch Cuisine initiative, will contribute by translating policy into practice for chefs.

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