Everything That You Always Wanted to Know About Raw Materials and Biodiversity…

… but were afraid to ask! Which raw materials are most likely to be in my product or semi-finished product? Are these resources scarce? What is the impact of these raw materials on biodiversity and how can I reduce that impact? Businesses and buyers can soon find the answers to these and other questions by using the ‘Raw Materials Scanner’. This scanner is now being developed by TNO, EY and software developers, on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. It will first cover 64 metals; biotic resources, such as agricultural commodities, will possibly be added later.

Perspective for action

CREM and PRé are ensuring that attention is also being paid to biodiversity. This means not only the impact of the resource on biodiversity, but also its dependence on biodiversity and the perspective for action.

This information will show companies and buyers which raw materials in a product deserve attention and why. This is important information not only for CSR policy and public relations, but also from a delivery security perspective. In addition, this information can be used in the framework of the ‘Natural Capital Protocol’: the development of a natural capital strategy.

The Raw Materials Scanner for the 64 metals will be ready in June 2017, after which further expansion will be considered.

For more information: (w.broer@crem.nl)