Accessible Natural Capital Reporting

An increasing number of companies are becoming aware of the fact that natural capital is essential for their business. These companies are trying to discuss and structure the topic of natural capital, also in collaboration with third parties. The non-business world is also increasingly interested in the interaction between companies and natural capital, both financially and societally. But how can companies properly inform stakeholders with the best reporting on natural capital?

Natural capital use in perspective

The environmental data that companies now have in-house can often be interpreted differently to provide better reporting about natural capital than is currently being done. This means that improvement is possible. Think, for example, about a topic like water. Nearly all sustainability reports give information about water use and savings by the company and even in the supply chain. But this data is often not shown in relation to factors such as local water scarcity and climate forecasts (which could change the future availability of water). From a natural capital perspective, showing these relationships is essential.

Pilot project

On behalf of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, CREM and Arcadis are setting up pilots with six companies to help them to better report on natural capital ‘tomorrow’. The pilots will not lead to a complete analysis of the ideal for ‘natural capital reporting’, but will lead to the identification of ‘low-hanging fruit’ which the companies can use to write better and more meaningful reports.

Download the publication Reporting on Natural Capital, A practical approach

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