Pilot: Matchmaking Between Farmers and the Hospitality Industry in Brabant

The mission of the Dutch Cuisine movement is to put a healthy and sustainable Dutch food culture on the map. Creative chefs and the many locally grown regional products make this cuisine and culture very special and help us to feel more pride in our Dutch culinary identity. To better publicize this unique food culture, Dutch Cuisine encourages chefs to be inspired by local products and to cook with them more often. However, the availability of these products can be a practical problem for the chefs. How can we ensure that these tasty products are easy to order?

Dutch Cuisine would like to bring producers and the hospitality industry together via an existing logistics network. In the Province of North Brabant, the pilot project, ‘Matchmaking Facility’, addresses this need. CREM is the project manager.

Dutch Cuisine Matchmaking Toolkit

In this pilot, we are working to promote sustainable products, such as those from the Kempen Goed Cooperative, to the hospitality industry in North Brabant. Various other organizations are participating, including the wholesaler Horesca Smulders and ‘Food-Up!’, a provincial program. The lessons learned from the project will be incorporated into a ‘Dutch Cuisine Matchmaking Toolkit’. The pilot grew out of the ‘Green Deal for Sustainable Food Consumption (Dutch Cuisine)’, signed in 2014 by various public and private organizations, including the Province of North Brabant. CREM is the secretariat for the Green Deal. The Matchmaking Toolkit will help more hospitality businesses to be able to use local products on a broad scale.

For more information: Victor de Lange