Sustainability will be one of the most important drivers of economic growth in the coming decade. Many new products and services will be needed to deal with issues such as climate change, poverty reduction, droughts or flooding, land degradation, human rights, and the loss of natural resources and biodiversity. There will also be a need for new services and business models to provide the world’s people with ‘decent work’ to avoid conflicts and migration flows. It is not just about ‘doing less harm’ – we need to pay just as much attention to ‘doing good’. It is not for nothing that many countries and companies have embraced the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) since they were published in 2015, or that ‘The Netherlands, a Sustainable Urban Delta’ is the marketing slogan used to promote Dutch businesses to the world. We help companies identify and develop sustainable products and services. We also add value by providing:

  • National and international market research (including SWOT and competition analysis).
  • Support for product development and the identification of sustainable product-market combinations.
  • Strategy development for external profiling and market approach.
  • Matchmaking with new supply chain partners, governments or civil society organizations.
  • Identification of funding opportunities.

Our almost 30 year track record gives us a lot of insight into developments in the field of sustainability and the resulting business cases. On top of that, we can help our clients by tapping into our large (international) network of companies, industry associations, governments, research institutions and civil society organizations.


1. From good intentions to actual effects