Traditionally, sustainable production has been mainly about issues like energy and waste management, and the prevention of harmful emissions. Currently, however, important topics include sustainable supply chain management, a circular economy, natural capital, resource scarcity, sustainable employment and decent work for employees, both in the company and in the supply chain. We focus primarily on these newer topics.

Sustainable consumption is closely related to sustainable production. CREM has a wealth of experience with strategies for enticing the consumer to consume in a more sustainable and healthy way.

What can we offer in this field?

  • Development of sustainability policies and strategies to help companies, governments and civil society organizations tackle challenges and take advantage of opportunities. This is supported by substantial knowledge in the area of sustainability and consumer behaviour.
  • Matchmaking with new supply chain partners, governments and/or civil society organizations in the desired area of sustainability.
  • Preparation, execution, guidance and management of pilots to encourage sustainable production or consumption.
  • Result evaluation and strategy optimization.
  • Identification of funding opportunities.

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