Sustainability affects our everyday life, so it lends itself well to appealing ways of communicating and reporting. Despite that, communication is often very technical. Sustainability reports are usually full of information concerning emission reductions and energy savings achieved, and not always made socially relevant. What is the actual impact, positively or negatively, on people’s environment as a result of an organization’s activities or those of its supply chain? Communicating the correct message is essential, but it is a challenge for many organizations. Sustainability is a big concept that means different things to different people. It is therefore very important to strike the right chord with the right audience.

So, what can we do for you?

  • Use storytelling to present your sustainability efforts more attractively. We change your report into a story, whether it is in your integrated annual report, your sustainability report or a newsletter. We do this by looking at impacts of your activities and not only talking about inputs and outputs.
  • Develop, strengthen and implement appealing communication strategies around sustainability themes, custom-tailored for various target groups.
  • Prepare and facilitate conferences and workshops.
  • Provide (substantive) editing of communication channels such as websites, newsletters or social media.

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