With the limits of the planet being increasingly stressed and social challenges growing, CREM is committed to a sustainable economy and society, together with and on behalf of companies, governments, knowledge institutions, NGOs and citizens. Sustainability is often first aimed at the frontrunners in the field, but if it is formulated in a sufficiently understandable way, everyone can recognize the challenges and solutions. We are extremely versatile in this area, from research to training to implementation, and from brainstorming to monitoring the results.

Fields of Work

Since the formation of CREM in 1989, we have become experts in the fields of (international) corporate social responsibility, natural capital, circular economy and sustainable production and consumption. These are areas where, over the years, we have shown that we can make a difference. Shared value and sustainable business development are core concepts. We are committed to contributing positively to the solution of (international) social and environmental issues and seeking opportunities for clients in this field.


CREM works on a more sustainable society with a core team of experienced consultants. As needed, we seek external cooperation with specialists and agencies. Our projects vary in length from one day to several years, and involve local, national and international issues in the area of sustainability.


CREM’s three partners – Wijnand Broer, Victor de Lange and Jolanda van Schaick – combine wide knowledge and experience with a very broad (international) network in business, government and civil society. We speak their language and are familiar with many of their objectives and activities. This is why we are readily able to work both to get new initiatives and projects off the ground and to, where possible, benefit from opportunities for collaboration.