The current complexity of sustainability challenges requires a joint effort by governments, business, civil society organizations and research institutes. But what one stakeholder wishes can actually get in the way of another’s ambitions. How do you bring the different stakeholders together? And what is needed to get these different interests to align? Through our wide-ranging knowledge, our extensive (inter)national network and our decades long association with business, government and civil society organizations, we are ideally suited to the role of bridge builder. We can prepare (public-private) partnerships aimed at societal issues at both strategic and content levels. We do these things by:

  • Looking for shared interests: finding opportunities for synergy.
  • Guiding stakeholders: looking for a supported approach.
  • Writing and helping to implement an action plan for the way forward.

1. Pilot: Matchmaking Between Farmers and the Hospitality Industry in Brabant
2. New Generation of Indonesian Cooking Pilot in Bandung