New Business Radio broadcasts Green Leaders

The Green Leaders network of VNO-NCW and MKB Nederland consists of entrepreneurs who invest in the development of a circular economy, in the energy transition and in biodiversity. In this network, entrepreneurs from different sectors find each other on sustainable challenges; from start-ups and scale-ups, and family businesses to multinationals. The collaboration leads to innovative processes, products and services that are sustainable and profitable. They find each other on location and online during meetings, but also in the community Entrepreneurs who want to operate sustainably can register here as a green leader. The network is growing steadily and has 517 members on February 1, 2022.

Thanks to – in part –  financial support from the province of South Holland, the Green Leaders network has been producing radio broadcasts since 2020 in collaboration with New Business Radio in Hilversum. Presenter Glenn van der Burg and various studio guests look for a match in ‘Groene Groeiers’, that leads to innovative processes, products and services that are sustainable and profitable Broadcasts are every second Friday of the month at 11 am, and each have a sustainability theme. A somewhat longer-established, larger company has a challenge. The director (owner) explains his sustainability ambitions in the broadcast and indicates which obstacles he/she encounters. This company is the challenger. Two young, innovative companies then tell what solutions their product or service offers for that challenge. The challenger responds to those solutions. If the response is positive, then there is a match and follow-up agreements are made for cooperation. The challenger may also be the province or a municipality.

Annemarie van Oorschot, program manager of the Green Leaders network (and communication manager at VNO-NCW West), organizes the studio guests, supported by the network’s matchmaker, Jolanda van Schaick (CREM).

The radio broadcasts are made into podcasts that can be listened back via the communication channels (websites, social media) of New Business Radio, VNO-NCW, MKB Nederland, the province of South Holland and the participating companies. For example: 

More information: Jolanda van Schaick