Strengthening nature with the National Biodiversity Bank

The National Biodiversity Bank wants to restore and strengthen biodiversity in the Netherlands. The bank encourages projects that increase biodiversity and finances them by allocating biodiversity rights (credits) to them and selling them. To this end, it offers a transparent and guaranteed financing model for investments in biodiversity. The National Biodiversity Bank owns and manages this system of biodiversity credits and is an independent, non-profit organization.

The National Biodiversity Bank was established on August 4, 2022. The focus for this year was developing a manual with procedures and methodologies to enable future trading in credits. Jolanda van Schaick has contributed to this development. In the coming year, the National Biodiversity Bank will work with landowners who want to strengthen biodiversity on their property, and with parties who want to finance this. Activities will therefore be aimed at both promoting interest in biodiversity development and developing the market for biodiversity credits.

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Photo: Nanda Gilden