Working Together on Sustainable Land Use

The current efforts to ensure sustainable land use are not sufficient to achieve our ambitions for the climate, a circular economy and sustainability. With the world population increasing and consumption growing, the pressure on our natural capital is constantly increasing.

There is more needed to protect our planet

The Verified Conservation Areas (VCA) Register aims to help (
The VCA offers a standardized and auditable approach for making land use more sustainable, and for strengthening biodiversity and natural capital. What is especially interesting about the VCA is that it not only covers natural areas, but also looks at areas where economic activities take place. VCA’s approach sets it apart in the market because it makes clear what the benefits are for biodiversity, and because goals and activities are transparent and the accountability of results is central. The Register is supported by important national and international organizations and initiatives, including governments, nature organizations and the UN’s Convention on Biological Diversity.

Rolling out the VCA Register in the Netherlands

The rollout of the VCA Register started in the Netherlands in January 2015, with the goal of informing companies, organizations and landowners about its added value. CREM, De Gemeynt and RWS, on behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, are contributing to its rollout by supervising a Community of Practice VCA in 2017. This Community offers participants the opportunity to get to know the VCA, exchange ideas about the opportunities it offers and to register. There are currently 13 companies taking part in the Community and there is room for more!

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Contact: Jolanda van Schaick