10 Tips for Communication about Sustainable Fashion

The conference ‘Groen is de rode draad’ (‘Green is the common theme’) took place in October 2014. The conference, which covered transparency in the fashion and textile industry, was organized by Dutch textile industry associations MODINT and VGT. During a breakout session, three experts shared their understanding of communication and sustainability in the sector. The conclusion from the audience was: if you do business sustainably, you also need to communicate about it (92% agreed).

Here are ten tips from the experts Giuletta Cohen (CREM), HermaKwakkenbos (Schuttelaar& Partners) and Nienke Steen (MODINT Consultancy):

  • Tailor your communication strategy to the lifestyle of your target group: what do they respond to, where do they search for information and where not?
  • The overall image of the company plays an important role
  • As a clothing brand, ensure that the basics are in order and know who your target group is
  • Think of a simple, clear and accessible communication message
  • Use a combination of behaviour change triggers (for example, make it visible, recognizable and understandable).
  • Make concrete, realistic and, if possible, quantifiable plans.
  • Communicate about your goals and be honest about progress made; this prevents damage to your reputation.
  • Tell an honest tale. Make it personal and stay true to yourself.
  • Accept and communicate that it is an ongoing process: “You don’t have to be perfect to do good.”

More info: Wijnand Broer